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Your partner in proactive and preventive security solutions. Thanks to our internal expertise in the field of safety, crisis management and high risk security, we are able to offer you the best solutions with the right advice. You have a safety problem or question and it is up to us to solve this problem or question efficiently for you or to answer it clearly for you.

Due to our great commitment to the concept of security, we reserve the right to provide you with unrequested advice as well.



The ISEG expertise platform consists of security experts and instructors of the government's unique and special services


Integrity, flexibility, respectful, reliable and professional


Short communication lines, reachable, available and deployable 24/7/365


Your problem is our problem and will be solved. Integral, effective and efficient

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All thinkable expertise in the field of security and safety under one roof

In order to meet the growing need of the new form of integral security with the necessary quality, the right knowledge and expertise, the expertise platform International Security Expert Group has been established. We meet your organizational, structural and technical security needs with a variety of services, products and training courses imaginable, but tailored to your needs with a high quality and with the sole purpose of preventing incidents of any kind.

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What others say

  • Regional Commander (Dutch) Ministry of Defence

    Working together, practical, clear, thinking along, serious, creative in solutions, professional and skilled. Just a few phrases that refer to (the employees of) IPSU and ISEG. Especially in a crisis situation with all kinds of unforeseen circumstances a reassuring thought, the people on the spot are in safe hands, they are being watched over.

  • Congress and programme manager Studiecentrum Bedrijf & Overheid

    L. Boeren- de Bie

    In recent years, IPSU has provided security for our Undermining & Organized Crime and Radicalization & Terrorism congresses. Because of the sensitive information that is shared during these congresses and because a number of prominent people from the Dutch security sector are present, there are strict security regulations and every visitor must identify themselves. IPSU is a very committed and reliable partner and we are very pleased with their professional security.

  • CEO of The Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA)

    L. Albertson

    Understanding that risk management is an integral part of the decision-making process for museum stewardship and essential for anyone tasked with the care, survival, and accessibility of our cultural heritage, ARCA has partnered with Omnirisk and ISEG since 2009 to provide training to heritage stakeholders and to ensure that those working in the field of museum and site security have the necessary set of competences and a sound grounding in the principles of the risk management framework with the aim to transfer the knowledge and skills acquired to others working in the sector.

  • Staff Company of 11 Air Mobile Brigade.

    My unit was allowed to work with the men from IPSU and ISEG during the coronacrisis. What immediately strikes me is the way these people work. Professional, involved, and they radiate a sense of responsibility. This immediately creates trust. The fact that they all have military backgrounds helps enormously in terms of communication. We speak the same language. I've also noticed that these men remain motivated and focused throughout their service after service. Thank you for your cooperation on behalf of the Staff Company of 11 Air Mobile Brigade.

  • Sales manager Kasteel de Wittenburg Wassenaar

    The IPSU security guards are regularly present at large, exclusive events at Castle de Wittenburg. The security guards are very professional and adapt well to the wishes of the guest and location. We are sure to continue to use the services of IPSU in the future!

  • Former congress manager Business & Government Study Centre

    F. van Summeren

    Together with the Study Centre for Business and Government (SBO), we organised various conferences on (counter)terrorism and tackling organised crime for hundreds of security professionals at home and abroad. Of course, this also brings with it the necessary security risks. For the security of these congresses we made use of the services of IPSU. They organised the security with great professionalism, dedication and pleasure. That made it very pleasant to work with them.

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