Close protection and family support

Tailor-made security

Choosing to use personal security can have a significant impact on your daily life and that of your immediate environment. It is therefore important that you choose an organization that is aware of this and continuously takes this into account throughout the process.

Operationally and internationally experienced security consultants

IPSU's personal security officers and preventive observers come from specialised departments of the National Police (Royal and Diplomatic Security Service), the Ministry of Justice and Security or the Ministry of Defence, among others. They have extensive operational experience (both nationally and internationally) within this specialist segment of security. 

Services and support

The entire high end security spectrum can facilitate IPSU and you can think of, for example:

    • Threat analyses
    • Security drivers who have completed a specialist driver training with the police
    • Personal security -> both visible and invisible or a combination of both (read customization)
    • Preventive observations
    • Investigations
    • Digital research (OSINT)
    • Crisis management and crisis communication
    • Kidnapping and randsom
    • Family support -> taking care of vacant properties, guiding children to and from school, sports and or other fixed moments and picking them up again, guidance during events, calamity support, home/office security audit, etc.

More information

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