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Our consultancy products and services can be applied at a strategic, tactical, and operational level. We can advise you which organizational, structural, and electronic security measures are necessary to protect your organization, your property, buildings and employees and visitors accurately.

Depending on your needs and wishes, this varies from drawing up a threat and/or risk analysis, levelling your security measures at the level that is necessary and desired by you and carrying out physical security work in the highest segment. We often liaise with organization directors and heads of security departments.

Our advice starts with a completely non-binding conversation with you. The problem definition is made clear and we look at your wishes and possible solutions. At this stage, it soon becomes clear whether a further investigation into the existing security measures should take place through an audit or a Red Teaming (here the strengths and weaknesses of your current security level will be made visible compared to the desired and necessary level).

Tailor-made solutions

Omnirisk has been working in the public-private security sector worldwide for more than 15 years and we serve all sectors. As a result, we can adjust in any form of organization and quickly and competently identify the visible and, above all, the invisible threats (better known as the "Unknown Unknowns").

Omnirisk is especially known as the specialist advisor for many cultural institutions here and abroad, where there is a high threat of theft and destruction of cultural heritage, among other risks. Working from the philosophy of proactive safety, the aspects of hospitality, customer orientation and proactive safety come together here to prevent incidents from happening and to do so in a way that does not inconvenience the visitor. This methodology can be applied to any organization.


Because we specialize in pan-sectoral work both nationally and internationally, we can adapt flawlessly to the client's environment. You can contact us for advice in the field of security and safety in the broadest sense of the word. Within ISEG, which includes Omnirisk, we have an international security expert platform that enables us to operate worldwide, particularly within the high-risk segment. We have our team of experts that can be deployed quickly and broadly and often come from the special services of the Military services, Justice and Police services.

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