Omnirisk Investigations

Omnirisk Investigations

Irregularities, or suspicions thereof in your organization, require quick, adequate and careful intervention. Each case is unique: the environment is different, insight into the facts is lacking and the approach must do justice to the interests of all parties involved. The personal and business interests of the parties are often large, conflicting, and diverse.

Specialists in investigations

Together with our exclusive cooperation partners, both nationally and internationally, we have specialists in strategic, tactical, and operational research. This enables us to distinguish ourselves from other professional service providers. This is due to our multidisciplinary composition and approach towards investigations: we dig deeper. In doing so, we are truly independent and have gained broad, international experience at various employers and clients. Each case has its context and different dimensions. Our approach is therefore designed to achieve results effectively and efficiently. One that does justice to the interests of our clients.

The grip on progress and costs

A detailed plan of approach provides clients with the desired insight and thus control over the progress and status of an investigation. We work efficiently and effectively: our expertise means that we have shorter lead times and we apply realistic rates. Also, we are able, like no other, to retrieve lost resources: we sometimes deliver more than we cost.

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