International Preventive Security Unit

Customer-oriented, innovative and professional

International Preventive Security Unit (IPSU) is more than just a reliable partner when it comes to providing high quality, proactive and customized security solutions. Our (specialist) security services are carefully adjusted to the interests, demands and wishes of the client prior to each new assignment or project. In doing so, we like to think along with you about how we can improve the security of your office, your employees, your home or your family where necessary in order to improve general safety.

For us, security is more than just a job, it is our passion and we like to take you along in our enthusiasm for this profession.

Association of Approved Security Companies

IPSU is a member of the (Dutch) Association of Approved Security Companies (VEB). If you choose one of the affiliated security companies of the VEB, you are dealing with a reliable professional. In addition to the professional diplomas required by law, IPSU also meets the VEB's high quality requirements. IPSU is also checked on this every year. Only then may we use the VEB quality documents and the VEB logo. If you opt for safety, go for security and choose a VEB approved security company.

Permission Justis

IPSU has permission to carry out security work for the Ministry of Justice and Security under ND number: 5477.



Object security

Thanks to the commitment of our proactive and hospitable object security staff, both your guests and your employees can count on a safe and hospitable reception or departure at all times. The security of objects and office buildings is people work and therefore customized with the right expertise. On the basis of a security check and RI&E we develop customized services, fully attuned to the culture and wishes of your organization.


Close Protection

IPSU's close protection officers and preventive observers come from specialised departments of the National Police (Royal and Diplomatic Security Service), the Ministry of Justice and Security or the Ministry of Defence, among others. They have extensive operational experience (both nationally and internationally) within this specialist segment of security. 


Event security

Depending on the type of event, the possible threat level associated with the event and the wishes of the client, we can deploy both visible and non-visible, preventive security measures, or a combination of these. Always fitting within the ambiance of the event. Thanks to our services, we can make a hospitable, effective and safe contribution to your event.


Quick Response Team

IPSU's Quick Response Team is on standby 24/7 and can immediately take appropriate measures on site to ensure that no further damage can be inflicted, your property is guarded and press or public is kept at an appropriate distance. You can then focus in peace and quiet on determining and possibly repairing the damage and ensuring the continuity of your company, location, institution or organization. 


Transport protection

For you as a transporter or supplier, it is important that valuable or information sensitive cargo is transported safely from point A to point B. In order to prevent the contents of these valuable or sensitive loads from being stolen or damaged, it is possible to have these extra secured by experienced transport security staff IPSU. We ensure that your goods are delivered safely on location.


Predictive Profiling

IPSU's predictive profilers are experts in recognizing and analyzing abnormal behavior. They know how to recognize and interrupt criminal and terrorist activities already in the preparatory phase. IPSU has practical and experienced predictive (behavioural) profilers, experiences they have gained in various government departments and internationally known airports or museums. 

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