Special Camouflage and Rural Tactics (SCART) instructor

Recently, we were able to add a SCART (Special Camouflage and Rural Tactics) and O&T instructor from the Specialist Support Department of the National Police to the training team of International Security Expert Group. Within the International Security Expert Group, our new instructor will mainly focus on the further set-up of the ISEG Training Center and on providing specialist training in the field of rural & urban (covert) surveillance for both the public and private sector.

ISEG supported the (Dutch) Ministry of Defense during Covid-19

During the coronacrisis, ISEG was able to support the Ministry of Defence for about two months (24/7) with the reception of military personnel from various deployment areas or from military personnel returning from various (international) exercises. In connection with possible COVID-19 contamination, these soldiers had to be quarantined somewhere in the Netherlands at a location that could not be specified. ISEG was able to provide professional support at the location in question by providing security advice on a daily basis by our crisis managers and thanks to the physical deployment of IPSU's skilled security staff.

Partnership between Arminius Selection Training Centre and ISEG

ISEG will support partner Arminius Selection Training Center during the 72 hour training weekend of Arminius STC in the field of security, safety and logistics. The training weekend will take place for the first time at the ISEG location and then from Friday 24 July 2020 until Sunday 26 July 2020. From July 2020 these and other courses will be organized periodically at the location of ISEG.