ISEG supported the (Dutch) Ministry of Defense during Covid-19

ISEG supported the (Dutch) Ministry of Defense during Covid-19

Published: 26-07-2020

During the coronacrisis, ISEG was able to support the Ministry of Defence for about two months (24/7) with the reception of military personnel from various deployment areas or from military personnel returning from various (international) exercises. In connection with possible COVID-19 contamination, these soldiers had to be quarantined somewhere in the Netherlands at a location that could not be specified. ISEG was able to provide professional support at the location in question by providing security advice on a daily basis by our crisis managers and thanks to the physical deployment of IPSU's skilled security staff.

Calamities and security

At the reception location, IPSU security guards were linked 24/7 to a platoon of the Rodstafcompagnie 11 Air Mobile Brigade from Schaarsbergen and soldiers from the Medical Service from the health center in Amersfoort. During this collaboration, IPSU's security staff were responsible for, among other things, preventing possible calamities and ensuring general safety at the reception location. The ISEG crisis managers held daily consultations on location and, if necessary, provided advice in the area of general safety, in order to promote the daily operations and the general safety of (Defence) personnel at the location in question.

Communication and cooperation

IPSU's security staff were specially selected for this project and had at least a background at the Ministry of Defence. As a result, we were able to ensure even smoother cooperation and communication with the employees of the Ministry of Defence. After all, they speak the same language and we at ISEG always tailor our services to suit the circumstances.


As a result of the work and cooperation, ISEG has received the following compliments from the Ministry of Defence:

Regional Commander Defence Facilities Company

Working together, practical, clear, thinking along, serious, creative in solutions, professional and skilled. Just a few cries that save (the employees, crisis managers and security consultants of) IPSU and ISEG.

Especially in a crisis situation with all kinds of unforeseen circumstances a reassuring thought, the people on the spot are in safe hands, they are being watched over.

A big word of thanks for your dedication in this special time!

Adjutant Petty Officer (Aoo) Staff Staff Company 11 Air Mobile Brigade

During the coronacrisis my unit was allowed to work together with the men of IPSU and ISEG. What immediately stands out is the way these people work. Professional, involved, and they radiate a sense of responsibility. This immediately creates trust. The fact that they all have a military background helps enormously when it comes to communication. We speak the same language. I've also noticed that these men remain motivated and focused throughout their service after service.