Partnership between Arminius Selection Training Centre and ISEG

Partnership between Arminius Selection Training Centre and ISEG

Published: 25-06-2020

ISEG will support partner Arminius Selection Training Center during the 72 hour training weekend of Arminius STC in the field of security, safety and logistics. The training weekend will take place for the first time at the ISEG location and then from Friday 24 July 2020 until Sunday 26 July 2020. From July 2020 these and other courses will be organized periodically at the location of ISEG.

Training opportunities

The available infrastructure at ISEG's location makes it possible to give a realistic picture of a variety of candidates and to prepare them well for their training at the government. Among other things, the site has several large lawns and 10 hectares of forest with 'unspoilt' nature. The site is also equipped with several buildings with training rooms, an tent camp and a certified rope course. This makes this location extremely suitable for both theoretical and practical training and courses. In addition, it is also possible (on request) to organize training during weekends and at night, including overnight stay(s). 

Security, surveillance and calamities

IPSU, a daughter company of ISEG, provides extra supervision during the courses and training thanks to the deployment of operationally experienced security hosts. In addition to supervision, these hosts are also responsible for the adequate handling of possible calamities and incidents. All security hosts of IPSU are in possession of a valid FAFS/AED and 'Stop the Bleeding' certificate.

Arminius Selection Training Center

Arminius Selection Training Centre (ASTC) offers candidates a unique opportunity. They know better than anyone what is expected of candidates physically and mentally during admission and training at the Ministry of Justice and Security, the National Police or the Ministry of Defence. With their guidance, knowledge and experience, the candidates are optimally prepared for a (specialist) career within Defence, Police, Justice, Fire Brigade or Private ( special) Security Sector. ASTC combines forces from a network of people who work or have worked within the government.

Instructors of ISEG

In addition to providing support in the field of security and safety, a number of ISEG employees, who have a background with, for example, the Marine Corps, DSI or DKDB, will also be deployed as instructors during Arminius STC's courses and training sessions. A nice extra addition to an already very nice concept and cooperation.

Sign up for the 72 hours of Arminius Selection Training Centre

Would you like to receive more information about the 72 hour training of Arminius STC? Please send a message to or register via this link for the information day at Huis ter Heide on Saturday 11 July 2020: