Special Camouflage and Rural Tactics (SCART) instructor

Special Camouflage and Rural Tactics (SCART) instructor

Published: 13-08-2020

Recently, we were able to add a SCART (Special Camouflage and Rural Tactics) and O&T instructor from the Specialist Support Department of the National Police to the training team of International Security Expert Group. Within the International Security Expert Group, our new instructor will mainly focus on the further set-up of the ISEG Training Center and on providing specialist training in the field of rural & urban (covert) surveillance for both the public and private sector.


A nice collaboration between International Security Expert Group and Police Netherlands where we further agreed, that police officers with for example PTSD who are in a reintegration process, can qualify for a reintegration place outside the police within our organization.


We at International Security Expert Group are in any case pleased with the fact that we can offer this Dutchbat 1 veteran a bright future and a new home.