The best wishes... or better: The best people for 2021!

The best wishes... or better: The best people for 2021!

Published: 29-12-2020

The time has come again to share the best wishes for the coming new year. The team of the International Security Expert Group, including the ISEG Training Center, IPSU and Omnirisk, wish you a prosperous 2021 in good health. But above all a safe 2021 and we therefore wish you the best people for 2021 and the years thereafter.

"Unknown Unknowns"

Your organization, institution or company faces all kinds of threats and risks, many of which we already recognize, but there are others we don't even know about. That's why we need well-trained people who know how to look for those "Unknown Unknowns" in relation to threats to your organization, institution or business. As you may know from us, we call this proactive security, aimed at preventing incidents. This in contrast to and in addition to reactive security which, as we know, is aimed at responding to incidents. This means that we are always too late to prevent incidents. For this you need good and well-trained people with knowledge and skills of the subject matter and involvement in your organization, institution or company.

Best wishes and people

Therefore, in addition to the best wishes, we wish you the best people for 2021 and beyond. In order to get a good insight into the status of your security (in the broadest sense of the word) we offer you, as a New Year's gift and therefore completely free of charge, an initial security scan which will give you insight into the status of security for your organization, institution or company. We do not only look at the physical security measures, but also how your policy and implementation is arranged and whether that actually gives you the security you need and think you need or think you have. We mainly look at the threats that are important to your sector. And yes, in addition to the known forms of crime, this also includes undermining, activism, radicalization and terrorism. Gaining insight into your situation is a good start to gain control over the possible threats. In short, a good start to the new year.


If you are interested in the free scan, please feel free to contact us using the contact details below:

Telephone: 035-2340422 (ask for Dick Drent or call him directly at 06-48133097)