Multidisciplinary security & safety advice agency

Omnirisk is an all-round and multidisciplinary safety advice agency. Based on the methodology of proactive safety, we provide customized services and products, including interactive education and training, to achieve and maintain the desired and necessary level of safety. The scope of possibilities is large and is always focused on helping you. Especially when it comes to threats you don't know about. The so-called "Unknown Unknowns" which goes far beyond the usual methodology of making risk analyses. We will be happy to explain how this works.


Consultancy Services

Omnirisk works from the proactive safety philosophy that means that our focus is on preventing security incidents in the broadest sense of the word. We therefore take an integral approach to risk and safety policy. 


Security & Safety Training

An education is meant to get the knowledge and skills of people at the right level required for the work they do. In this respect, training is a crucial success factor in promoting awareness among your employees at all levels of your organization. 


Private Investigations

Irregularities, or suspicions thereof in your organization require quick, adequate and careful intervention. Each case is unique: the environment is different, insight into the facts is lacking and the approach must do justice to the interests of all parties involved. 

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