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Education and training

An education is meant to get the knowledge and skills of people at the right level required for the work they do. In this respect, training is a crucial success factor in promoting awareness and involvement. By actually executing what you have learned and experiencing what that does to you, training is an added value for a training course.

Knowledge and skills

In themes such as proactive security, integrity, culture, undermining and fraud awareness threat and risk analysis, risk management, crisis management and many more security- or research-related training courses, learning knowledge and skills is essential to be able to critically observe and discuss everyone's actions. Personal beliefs and preferences play an important, if not crucial, role in this, making it difficult to apply learned knowledge and skills objectively in practice.

Practice- and customer-oriented

All our education and training courses are tailored to the situation and needs of your organization. After all, every situation and every need is different. A different and more direct and personal form of training is therefore necessary to enable your managers and employees to work and adjust sharply in practice, with a positive tone and in a customer-oriented and customer-friendly manner. Outside the comfort zone or confronted with one's own blind spots one learns the most. In our training courses we look for the best mix of learning forms in which we mainly let what we have learned be carried out by just doing it. This in all kinds of "real live" situations executed scenarios.

Custom made

From the ISEG Training Center, Omnirisk offers a wide range of education and training for all (management) levels. Our in-company education and training courses, as well as our external education and training courses and workshops at our location in conference center Beukbergen, are focused on the needs of your organization and the unruly and challenging subject matter from the field. We deal with cases, propositions and dilemmas and train people with the knowledge and skills to get the facts clear and to be able to make decisions or draw conclusions. We train these people to be able to ask the right questions at the right time and dare to ask the right people real time scenarios.

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