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Classical, hands-on training is and remains an important and effective way to learn knowledge, insight and skills. IPSU has an experienced training team consisting of practical specialists from the National Police, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Justice and Security. All our training courses are interactive, practice-oriented and tailored to the target group.

Tailor-made courses with an eye for content and quality

We develop and organize high quality courses, trainings and workshops in the field of security, safety, physical employability and medical acting with great attention to the right content, applied didactics and multimedia teaching materials.

Training location ISEG Training Center

For our trainings and courses we use the conference center Beukbergen, where the office of International Security Expert Group is located. Conference centre Beukbergen is located in Huis ter Heide (municipality of Zeist) and was originally a conference centre for the Ministry of Defence and other authorities only. The estate includes professional training accommodation, several external training fields, 10 acres of fenced woodland, a restaurant and a lodging building with 68 bedrooms. Parking and the use of WIFI are free of charge.

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Below you will find an overview of our (in-company) trainings, education and courses


Stop the bleeding-save a life

In the basic course "Stop the bleeding" you will learn how to recognize life-threatening bleeding and how to stop it by pressing on the wound, putting on tourniquet and/or plugging the wound with hemostatic gauze. 


Stop the bleeding-save a life

scenario training

During the continuing course, participants are subjected to realistic and practice-oriented scenarios that are pre-tuned to the target group. After the positive conclusion of this course, you can stop a severe bleeding. 


Resistance and de-escalation

Not getting what they want or just having to wait are just two reasons why people change from calm to aggressive. Dealing with violence and aggression in the workplace becomes a lot easier if you know what to do. 


Proactive Security

The content of this course is the 'Proactive Security' as a learning objective. During this training the participants learn how to recognize criminal and terrorist activities already in the preparatory phase by means of a customer-friendly intervention.


Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Awareness

Due to the rapid changes in the world, safety is no longer a matter of course in the Netherlands either. Globalization and the disappearance of borders have increased the chance of an attack with improvised explosives.


Crisis management

It is important to realize that managing a crisis is something completely different from leading or directing an organization on a daily basis. The way of managing or leading in the daily setting has often been long thought through and processes have been developed for this.


Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics

This basic course gives you the tools to secretly, by means of certain techniques and tactics, without being recognized, still get very close to subjects and objects. This makes the seemingly impossible possible.


Red Teaming

Criminal organizations, who take their profession seriously and are motivated to go for their goals with a fully committed mentality, are looking for the Achilles heel of your organization and therefore penetrate deep into the DNA of your organization. 

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