Basic Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics Course

Course summary

Has it ever happened, when observation work is carried out from your profession, the observation has to be aborted prematurely and abruptly in order not to be recognized? One of the reasons could be if, for example because of obstructing environmental factors, it does not seem possible to get closer to the subject or object unseen. For these kinds of complex tactics we have developed the basic course Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics (CRUST). This basic course gives you the right tools by means of certain techniques, tactics and handy attempts to approach subjects and objects secretly and undetected. This makes the seemingly impossible possible to your satisfaction.

  Duration of the training

On request

  Course Language

The course can be given in both Dutch and English.


After attending the course, each participant receives a certificate of participation from the ISEG Training Center

Price per student excluding VAT and including parking, practice materials, use of WiFi, lunch, coffee and tea

€ 1650,-

  Course dates

Course day 1: Saturday October 17th from 09:00 to 18:00 hours
Course day 2: Saturday October 24th from 09:00 to 18:00 hours
Course day 3: Saturday October 31st from 09:00 to 18:00 hours


Incompany or on location at ISEG:

Landgoed Beukbergen

Amersfoortseweg 59

3712 BB Huis Ter Heide


This basic course Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics is suitable for, among others, investigative journalists and private investigators. With the knowledge and skills that participants will acquire during our basic course Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics, investigative possibilities are increased. As a result, investigations can be given a new or different impulse so that they can be speeded up or completed successfully.

Instructors Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics (CRUST)

The basic course Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics is taught by instructors with backgrounds at the National Police and the Ministry of Defense. Our instructors have years of national and international practical experience within this specialism. They also have extensive experience in educating and training specialist Defence and Police personnel in the field of SCART (Special Camouflage & Rural Tactics) and O&T.

The basic course 'CRUST' will be given on location Landgoed Beukbergen in compliance with the guidelines set by the RIVM regarding COVID-19!

Course content

The course program is varied. The learned theory will be immediately trained and practiced outside. The practical part of the course is mainly interactive.

During this course, among other things, the following will be discussed:

    • Introduction to Covert Rural & Urban Surveillance Tactics
    • Handling and familiarity with personal equipment
    • How to deal with animals and vermin
    • Observe
    • Move
    • Preparation observation
    • Overflowing or being recognized, what now?
    • Being able to occupy a rural or urban observation position unseen
    • Practical assignment


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