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Course summary

The content of this training course is 'Proactive Security' as a learning objective. Proactive Safety' means that you have the knowledge to recognize and analyze abnormal behavior. During this training the participants learn how to recognize and interrupt criminal and terrorist activities in the preparatory phase by means of a customer-friendly intervention. This training is not only suitable for people working in the security sector as a security guard, but also for reception staff, front-office staff, public employees and anyone else who has to deal with access control of visitors to a location.

  Duration of the training

4 days divided over 4 weeks

  Course Language

The course can be given in both Dutch and English.


After attending the course, each participant receives a certificate of participation from the ISEG Training Center

Price per student excluding VAT and including parking, practice materials, use of WiFi, lunch, coffee and tea

€ 1595,-

  Course dates

On request


Incompany or on location at ISEG:

Landgoed Beukbergen

Amersfoortseweg 59

3712 BB Huis Ter Heide


Anyone who works in or is responsible for safety, protection, security or emergency prevention should understand that proactive working is essential to prevent incidents. Traditional reactive security means that the opponent has the upper hand because he or she can, at best, be caught red-handed in the act if there is a proper response. However, the act has already been committed or carried out, so by definition one is always too late to prevent something. Reactive safety is therefore always to the advantage of the opponent and will not prevent or stop anything. Proactive security is a developed technique that adds preventive action to traditional reactive security.

Proactive security is based on 4 pillars of the OGRI methodology. This includes:

    • Observation
    • Recognizing anomalous behavior
    • Risk analysis and intervention

With this method incidents can be prevented. This is based on research into the threats that have been defined for the identified risk positions in the environment in which you work. The recognizable (deviating) behavior is always culture, time and location bound. This means that proactive security is always made to fit within your organization.

Teacher training Proactive Security

The Proactive Security course has been developed and is provided by Dick Drent, Director Omnirisk and Managing Partner of ISEG, among others. Dick will give the training in cooperation with a co-trainer. After 28 years working for the Special Services of the police, Dick has been Head of Security Affairs and Corporate Security Manager of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for 10 years since 2005. Dick provides training and advice in the field of proactive security to a variety of national and international organizations, governments and institutions. He is also responsible for strategic and operational support in major investigations, aimed at assettracing and recovery in major fraud investigations or, for example, art thefts. 

The course 'Proactive Security' will be given at the Beukbergen Estate in compliance with the guidelines set by the RIVM with regard to COVID-19!

Course content

The Proactive Security training consists of 4 modules spread over 4 days in 2 parts per day. Because of the continuity, the entire course is completed in 4 consecutive weeks. Maximum number of participants per module is 10, given the interactive approach.

Module Service & Security - 2 days

In order to introduce employees to the proactive security vision, we start with a basic Service & Security module, which provides insight into the methodology and introduces the student to the necessary hospitality idea. In this way we create a change in mindset of our employees from reactive to proactive customer friendly actions. Here we can also determine the level of the employees involved in view of the interactivity in the last two training days.

Topics dealt with during the Service and Safety module:

    • Gaining insight into proactive safety and proactive security
    • Awareness of the proactive security methodology
    • Commitment to the proactive security methodology
    • Mindset change
    • Teach proactive security methodology
    • Recognizing anomalous behavior
    • Customer friendliness/customer focus (hospitality)

Module Red Teaming - 1 day, practice

In this module, employees will experience for themselves what abnormal behavior does to them. They crawl, as it were, into the skin of the malicious. By experiencing this themselves, the employees will better understand the proactive methodology, which has a positive effect on the quality of the performance.

The module concludes with an evaluation in which film images provide extra clarity for the student.

Topics dealt with during this module:

    • Red Teaming in practice
    • Experiencing what abnormal behavior does to you
    • Security Questioning module - 1 day, theory and practice

This module teaches how a customer friendly conversation can be used to find out the intention of the deviant behavior. Precisely this module is particularly suitable to combine the hospitality component with security.

Topics that will be discussed during this module:

    • Conducting a customer friendly conversation
    • By asking questions, discovering intentions
    • Behavior and attitude
    • Mirror effect (what and how do other people see you)
    • Role-playing games


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