Resilience and de-escalation training

Course summary

Not being able to deal with violence at work or aggression in the workplace can lead to problems for staff and you as an employer have a legal duty to protect your staff from this. Not getting what they want or just having to wait are just two reasons why people change from calm to aggressive. Dealing with violence and aggression in the workplace becomes a lot easier if you know what to do. Our resilience and de-escalation training offers you and your employees the right knowledge and skills to deal with these situations.

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On request

  Course Language

The training can be given in both Dutch and English


After attending the training, each participant receives a certificate of participation from the ISEG Training Center

Price per student excluding VAT and including parking, practice materials, use of WiFi, coffee and tea

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On request


Incompany or on location at ISEG:

Landgoed Beukbergen

Amersfoortseweg 59

3712 BB Huis Ter Heide


Vendors, security guards, care workers, social workers, benefit officers, nurses, receptionists and others who need to meet people on a daily basis are particularly vulnerable. Our resilience and de-escalation training includes a number of security measures they can take. The knowledge and confidence gained by participants in this course will help reduce the anger and aggression they encounter. Dealing with angry or aggressive people is not easy, but knowing what to do and say can prevent injury and improve the relationship with the client.

Instructors resilience and de-escalation

The resilience and de-escalation training is provided by IBT (Integral Vocational Skills Training) trainers from the National Police and the Police Academy. Our trainers have years of experience in training both police personnel and civilians in the field of violence control, de-escalation and self-defense. The trainers resilience and de-escalation are CRKBO certified.

The training 'Resilience and de-escalation' is given on location Landgoed Beukbergen in compliance with the guidelines set by the RIVM regarding COVID-19!

Course content

During this training the following, among other things, will be discussed:

Theoretical part:

    • Introduction to de-escalation (what is it and what is not)
    • Awareness of the situation (how far is someone allowed to come to you)
    • Being able to recognize danger (recognizing combat distances)
    • Information about human reactions (fighting, fleeing, doing nothing)
    • EVA model (own safety, flight away, alarm.
    • Types of aggression styles (recognize and bend them)

Practical part:

    • Mini role-playing (practicing with each other in recognizing aggression styles)
    • Tactical use of environment (how to use the environment and the stuff in it)
    • Recognizing primary and secondary characteristics
    • Practical practice around a work situation (actual confrontation with incidents and dealing with them)


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