Security of valuable transports

Escorting valuable transports

For you as a carrier or supplier, it is important that valuable or information sensitive loads are transported safely from point A to point B. In order to prevent the contents of these valuable or sensitive loads from being stolen or damaged, it is possible to have these extra secured by experienced transport security staff IPSU. We ensure that your goods are delivered safely on location.

IPSU transport protection team

IPSU has an internal team that specializes in guiding and securing robbery or theft-sensitive cargo. This team consists only of former employees of the Ministry of Defence or the National Police. These experts are highly trained and can be deployed both nationally and internationally. The team, including means of deployment, can be deployed flexibly and can also be tailored to the needs of the customer and the transport to be secured.

Our team can, among other things, be deployed for the guidance of:

    • Art transports
    • Transportation of information sensitive material
    • Conveying with hazardous or explosive material
    • Transportation of valuable materials

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